Suicide is not an option!

Psychology, Short Stories

Storm. You can hear how rain falls on the ground and creates hypnotizing sound. She seats on the bed with hands covering her eyes and makes moaning noises. A tear comes out between her fingers and falls on the book she was reading just a second ago. It splashes on the page destroying the ink and leaving monstrous stains. Thousands and maybe even millions of thought are going through her head at this moment. Thoughts no one can hear but her.

“He just said those words, easy, quick and without any doubt. Like everything, we’ve ever had just disappeared. Why?

New York: The city of lonely people.

New York City

Sunday nights are the worst. The city surrounded by darkness gets quiet, people are getting to bed early and preparing themselves to meet their “favorite” day of the week, but I stay awake… Full moon glances at me through the cracked glass window and with a judgmental look hides behind the clouds. I hear how the wind is playing with the trees in front of my building and leafs are dancing perfectly synchronized with one another. Nights are getting warmer, but I still feel little goosebumps on my skin so I put on my comfy pajama and get under the blanket. I open the laptop and start scrolling down my Facebook timeline, hoping to find something new. Annoyed by Tasty and cat videos, shared by my friends multiple times, I turn on Netflix and put on cheesy romantic comedy that would probably make me feel even worse than I already am. I pick up a glass of red wine from my bed stand and take couple sips. It feels nice. This is what was waiting for the whole day…