Don’t Let Donald Trump Fulfill The Immigration Plan


Last year I wrote an article for a magazine about Donald Trump.

You could read it here or follow this linkImmigrants and Trump

“Politics was never one of my interests until Donald Trump became a presidential candidate. It changed everything. It gave me worries about all the immigrants in America, about people who basically build the greatest country in the world. And now, he is talking about deporting them all. Trump keep saying: “Thousands of Americans have been killed by illegal immigrants”. This statement is, in fact, not true. Immigrants don’t kill people, people kill people, just some of them happen to be immigrants. Here is a well-known fact: illegal immigrants are less likely to engage in criminal behavior than the native-born population.

According to ACS data, the U.S. immigrant population stood at more than 42.4 million, or 13.3 percent, of the total U.S. population of 318.9 million.

    Does Donald Trump seriously plan to depart the immigrants?