W train


W train is back to Queens.

Monday, 6am. I just bought my usual cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts and running to the train station. Metro Card pretends like it’s not working again. Spilling hot coffee all over myself and holding jelly donut in my mouth, I am looking for a wallet in the enormous huge backpack I carry on me today. Yes, I am a commuter. Every day I travel on the Q train between Queens and Brooklyn, which basically takes about 3.5 hours of my life each day. After purchasing completely new MetroCard, I was about to swipe it as I see W train sign. Wait a second. Did I miss anything? Where did the Q train go?

On November 7, 2016 W train came back to Queens after almost 6 years due to the Second Avenue subway project. W train run from Astoria, making all local stops in Queens replacing Q train, and Manhattan similar to R train, with the last stop in Whitehall Street. W train doesn’t run on weekends or late nights.

Q train is iredirected along Second Avenue with its starting point at 96th street, making stops at 86th street, 72nd street and then Lexington ave – 63rd street and turns southwest to 57th street, continuing on the Q line.

For people like me who commute daily and got used to sit on the Q train from the starting point somewhere in Queens until the end in Brooklyn or backward, it will be a small disappointment, because now you actually have to switch the trains to connect with Q line. If before some of you enjoyed a nice hour of sleep or even more, it will be hard to get used to a new habit of switching between trains and giving away your nicely warmed up seat to a stranger.
Stay strong Queens and Brooklyn commuters, changes are always for the best.

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