Don’t Let Donald Trump Fulfill The Immigration Plan


Last year I wrote an article for a magazine about Donald Trump.

You could read it here or follow this linkImmigrants and Trump

“Politics was never one of my interests until Donald Trump became a presidential candidate. It changed everything. It gave me worries about all the immigrants in America, about people who basically build the greatest country in the world. And now, he is talking about deporting them all. Trump keep saying: “Thousands of Americans have been killed by illegal immigrants”. This statement is, in fact, not true. Immigrants don’t kill people, people kill people, just some of them happen to be immigrants. Here is a well-known fact: illegal immigrants are less likely to engage in criminal behavior than the native-born population.

According to ACS data, the U.S. immigrant population stood at more than 42.4 million, or 13.3 percent, of the total U.S. population of 318.9 million.

    Does Donald Trump seriously plan to depart the immigrants?

    Who is going to serve you food in a restaurant? Who is going to park your car? Who will be making your bed in the hotel? Who is going to do your laundry? Who will be bringing you a food delivery or drive you to the point of your destination?

    Millions of people are coming to the United States for better opportunities and better future for their children. Is that really a crime? Is it a crime to work hard 12-16 hours a day so you could send some money back home to your starving family? Is it a crime to pay taxes even though you work for cash? Is it a crime to learn English, so you can get the best education? Is it a crime to willing to work dirty jobs that not every American citizen agree on? Is that a crime to sacrifice everything you had and come to the United States to chase American Dream?

    Those people come to this country with a good intention. I’m not talking about terrorists, I’m talking about undocumented immigrants who crossed the border, about tourists whose visa got expired and they couldn’t renew it. There is something in this country that makes all those people come here, stay and start a new life. Why would somebody take it from them? Everyone deserves a second chance.

    When Donald Trump talks about “making America great again”, he does make it sound like this country lost its quality. The United States are great for everyone who is willing to see it. Making America a better place shouldn’t start with a deportation of the immigrants.

    Vote wisely, citizens of the United States.”

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